Querido cliente

Por motivo de cambio del servicio de mensajería y dadas las nuevas normas del correo nacional, los precios del envío incrementaron.

Por esta misma razón los tiempos de recepción del paquete pasaron de +22 días a un promedio de entre 5 y 10 días, ademas cualquier cargo extra por motivos aduaneros correrá a cargo del cliente.

Disculpe las molestias.


Dear customer

Due to the change in the courier service and because the new national mail regulations, shipping prices increased.

For this same reason the reception times of the package went from +22 days to an average of between 5 and 10 days, also any extra charge for customs reasons must be borne by the customer.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Espresso Roast Whole Bean

  • Coffee will be sended as soon as payment is received ,
    Customer must be agree on the shipping way supply by Tio Leo coffee, time, cost and way of transportation.
    Economic. Shipping
    Express Shipping.
    Customer must Supply clear personal information for us to send the coffee
    Order won’t be sended if all specific above is not complete.

    Reinvestment conditions.

    Cafe Tio Leo will be responsable for any order that won’t get to destinatary.
    Cafe Tio Leo will be responsable for any order than is not what our destinatary spectec.and will resend the order with no cost.

    Must click agree with the terms and conditions.xxx